Thursday, April 30, 2009

how to crochet flowers

I keep collecting summer project ideas.  It is exciting to see how many different types of flowers one can potentially make.  Check this book out on Amazon.

More fun crochet finds

This is a fun necklace designed and sold by Studio Karma.  I find gardens continually cheerful, and what a nice way to wear one wherever you go.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Check out these beauties

These amazing shoes come in many colors and styles from Lepiedleger.  They are each handmade so you can choose the color of your choice.  I know she has had many orders lately so you may want to email her and ask about your order.  I am looking forward to wearing them soon.  I will tell you more once mine arrive.

The massive chain

This is from Yokoo's store on etsy.  I find the photos and the work pretty amazing.  The chain wonderfully walks the line between feminine and masculine.  I'd like to see a photo of someone walking the street with this necklace on.  I hope you visit her site.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sweet Japanese Crochet

This shop, Linnet, is filled with small intricate crochet items that enthuse me.  I am thrilled to wish on these items at the first star tonight.  They feel like dream items.

Printing by Hand

This seems like a very useful book for all of us who are curious in how to make our own fabric.  You can find this at Amazon, and I will be adding it to my own wish list.

Rex Ray

This was found on the ever so loved blog, Design Sponge.  It is great to see Rex Ray's work show up in all sizes and spaces.  

I really enjoy the unexpected color and shape combination his design brings.  For more of his work check out his website.

Shiny shop spaces

I would love to splash around in this cozy store.  Melissa Averinos is the owner of these beautiful items.  You can hunt around her blog for inspiration and her lovely fabric designs.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

fabric pillows designed by Mary's Granddaughter

These pillows can be found at Mary's Granddaughter on etsy.  The artist used Spoonflower to print her sweet pillow fabric.  There is this new fantastic website Spoonflower where you can get fabric made by the yard.  Your design and only $18 a yard on 100% cotton.  I am hoping to embark on a summer project of my own.  

The beautiful and colorful Ninainvorm

Ninainvorm has so many sweet shapes and designs in her pottery.  She sells her items on etsy,  continually placing new items for sale often.  The pieces seem light and airy, how she deals with negative space is exquisite.  

Nathalie Lete's workshop/living space

This is Nathalie Lete's workshop/home space.  I find her work very cheerful.  Her work seems very connected to childhood and the need and appreciation for the handmade.  The rug seen is called Blume Rug.

Sailors Valentines

I have been a fan of Sailors Valentines for several years now.  An original valentine can be very pricey however some stores have created reproductions of these valentines for a more affordable price.  My mom bought me one at Anthropologie a couple of years back.  I love seeing all the intricate work someone put into it.  I live in Florida so it also reminds me of all our beautiful beaches.