Friday, January 15, 2010

The only clean spot in the house

I love my home, even though it is small 930 square feet.  But it is a cottage, cozy and sweet.  A major highlight that it has a working fire place that I use often, even before it is too cold.  However,  finding a place for everything is super tricky.  I see all those amazing articles in the right magazines and online, but the reality is difficult.  It is just not me, also my son, husband and three adventurous cats who are indoor cats except for the occasional afternoon on our screened in porch.  So, I have a list or perhaps pages long of resolutions and one of them is that I will organize.  Not just move things from corner to corner but find a place.  But for now this is the only spot that seems settled.  I will post my progress, and I hope it is godspeed.

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