Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A tour of our cottage

I've been wanting to share with you my artistic space.  I love things, and like to see them everywhere.  Which doesn't lend itself to an easily understood living space, but I love how it grows and grows, like the southern Kudzu.  We live in a 930 square foot two bedroom home.  My husband and I, our sweet son and three cats.  I do not have a separate studio space, although I would love to add onto the porch, the house acts as all things at all times for us.
The dinning room is also my sewing and drawing area.  Which has good lighting and I am able to see what all is happening in the rest of the house.  When I was in graduate school, I disliked my studio greatly - how disconnected it was from my life.  I need to integrate the two together, so I can watch my boy play and make lots of goodies.  I love stuff - and my house is fodder for my art.
We love books, books on all things.  We have been cleaning out our house as one of our New Year resolutions, however, no books have left.  In fact I am sure we have collected at least 50 since the New Year.  I think we are over 2,500 books now.  It is a bit daunting at times, since we are still so young and do not plan on moving.  We'll figure it out.
I am a huge fan of 1970's craft books and home decorating books.  This is a stack I have been looking through lately.  I am about to begin some smallish bird pillows.  My fabric is stacking up like a beautiful cloth mountain.


  1. "a happy cloth mountain" ....that is just a lovely way to put it! ...sigh...